color my life with the chaos of trouble

~ an eclectic jumble of photos, quotes, stories & songs that make up my little urban existence

no manipulation, simply wonder. tis but a boy, a kite & a blimp. photo courtesy of Ben Richmond. glamour shots courtesy of Keith Gray.

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rockaway beach + shandies #beachlife @kanownik
I adore a stormy storm. this was good.
it’s hard to tell in this photo taken by a lowly human on an even lowlier iPhone, but that cloud is the eye of god. or Ra. someone with a slanted, deep stare.
amidst a tempest to the east.. manhattan at sunset
oh just another sunday, flying around in an aeronca champ - w Ben & George Richmond ✈️
water lilies & an elbow - New York botanical garden

C’mon country…