please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet

of very early-blooming parentheses: (((())))

woowoowoo!!! CS Films!!

Lana Del Rey - Ride (Le Youth Remix)

…sound track to a super top secret video…soon to be released, c/o CS Films.

Dig it.

do nice tricks. wear earmuffs. eat pistachios. #pistachios
mid 60s & sunflowers. ah. September.
Ben came for the games, i, unknowingly, came for this kitty. sleepy here, but assuredly a feisty beast who refuses to let me cuddle her


if there should be any highlight of NY Fashion Week, it is knowing some very deserving / lovely / hardworking coworkers / friends could bask in Britney’s glow. check out Scott Duquette & Josh Cruz behind all that lingerie & lace 😏

“day begins with a hot cup and a cigarette…”

—   Gravity’s Rainbow
as it turns out, i am that person who eats all of the Krackle and Mr. Goodbars out of the Fall Fun Mix… 😳