please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet

of very early-blooming parentheses: (((())))

mid 60s & sunflowers. ah. September.
Ben came for the games, i, unknowingly, came for this kitty. sleepy here, but assuredly a feisty beast who refuses to let me cuddle her


if there should be any highlight of NY Fashion Week, it is knowing some very deserving / lovely / hardworking coworkers / friends could bask in Britney’s glow. check out Scott Duquette & Josh Cruz behind all that lingerie & lace 😏

“day begins with a hot cup and a cigarette…”

—   Gravity’s Rainbow
as it turns out, i am that person who eats all of the Krackle and Mr. Goodbars out of the Fall Fun Mix… 😳

in a dream, david foster wallace was (probably) in love with me

** in honor (maybe?) of the US Open (apropos to..? [maybe i am reaching])…at any rate, it’s about damn time i cracked open Infinite Jest! so, eh, that’s what i am doing….tomorrow.

1. i read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (& i really enjoyed the catharsis + angst. yes. and yes, i know it is not DFW, but DE has a similar fondness for the footnotes [i prefer a marriage or ellipses + parentheses + brackets, but nevertheless,]) a semi-sorta similarity in style (emphasis on semi-sorta) lead to a fairly lengthy discussion last night

2. Ben wrote this:

and it is hilarious & perfect.

to wit:

"Lest you worry that the technology-to-pampering ratio is getting uneven, there’s of course a "Royal Babies® and Royal Tots® program," because all children need to feel like divinity on Earth, as well as "Go SMiLE Tooth Whitening," which promises to brighten up your whole face. You’ll be pampered. Oh. You will.


(my copy + paste directly above does little justice..)

3. mostly due to point #2, i got daydreaming / thinking about how much i enjoy DFW’s essays &c., and because of that i had a dream in which he was still alive (though Dream Julie knew what his inevitable fate would be) & was audience to a reading. said reading happened to take place on Halloween (my favorite holiday), & thru some terribly brief interaction it came about that Halloween was my favorite holiday, wherein i suggested that his reading take place in a spooky, dark setting with no less than 12 jack-o-lanterns present.

when i arrived at the reading, there were (surprise!) but no less than 12 jack-o-lanterns!

& as DFW began to read us an except from whatever it was i was there to attend, he caught my eye in the glow of the pumpkin-y candlelight, smiled & winked.

in short, it was quite probably, the best dream ever. now i will (tomorrow) begin Infinite Jest.

** If you made it thru this in it’s entirety (my ramblings, not Infinite Jest…) then i applaud you.

tasty words & phrases

foam core boards

say it: foam core boards

and now you most assuredly want to say it again: foam core boards

one more: foam core boards


as we roll into New York Fashion Week, we must find joy where we can.

foam core boards.

a blushing bride with burrito #chipotle